Business Travel Tips

The life of a business traveler is less glamorous than perceived. In addition to the stress that comes with travel, business travelers face many health risks as a result of frequent travel. Trying to figure out how to make business travel better? We have rounded up the most comprehensive list of business travel tips from start to finish. Following these tips may not eliminate all of the health risks caused by frequent travel, but it will make your next trip less stressful.

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Before You Travel

  • Sign up for TSA Pre-Check. If you only travel domestically, invest in TSA Pre-Check. The process can take up to 8 weeks, so plan ahead. The $85 fee is well worth it, as TSA Pre-Check membership is good for five years.
  • Sign up for Global Entry. If you travel internationally, invest in Global Entry. Global Entry provides the same benefits at TSA Pre-Check, PLUS expedited processing at Customs and Border Patrol at airports upon arrival into the US. The cost for Global Entry is $100.
  • Join travel loyalty programs. Before your trip make sure you join the loyalty program for each brand you will encounter during your trip. Update your reservations with your loyalty information. Many hotels offer perks such as free wifi to loyalty members (even during your first stay!).
  • Be a Loyal Traveler: As much as possible, fly on the same airline, rent a car with the same rental company, and stay with the same hotel brand. Have a back-up brand, and use that anytime you can’t travel with your preferred brand.
  • Purchase an airport lounge membership. Whether you join your preferred airline’s lounge, a credit card lounge, or private lounge, you will appreciate the quiet environment and amenities before your flight and during layovers.
  • Charge Up: Charge all electronics 100% before you leave for the airport. You never know if you will have access to an outlet at the airport or in-flight.
  • Print Your Itinerary: Make sure you have your travel information available someplace besides your phone. The thought is cringe-worthy, but you phone could easily get lost or break during travel.

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